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Company Formation

The setup and administration of foreign operations (branch, subsidiary, etc.) is one of our core services. If a company intends to establish its own operation in a new export market and calls on InterGest‘s services, InterGest will handle all the necessary formation requirements and devise a customised operating procedure for the business venture.

In particular, we offer:

  • experienced staff who deal with all office work and, in addition to their national language, usually also speak other languages, particularly English, German, French or Spanish
  • an officially accredited accounting firm under the direction of a professionally certified accountant and a tax expert
  • an experienced team of professionals for all specialised fields of international commerce, trade and banking
  • modern offices in the business centres of major cities across the world with state-of-the-art office communication and IT systems
  • large-scale invoicing and accounting, sales and inventory statistics, profit calculations, agents’ commissions and payroll




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